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  1. Are you sceptical about the authenticity of testimonials?
  2. Opurest Mattress Testimonials
  3. Merino Wool Testimonials

  1. Are you sceptical about the authenticity of testimonials?

    Our loyal customers regularly write to us, however, we actively seek testimonials about our products and services so that prospective customers can enjoy the benefit of a 'genuine' customers point of view. Below are the three main sources of  our genuine customer testimonials.

    • Questionnaires. There is a questionnaire attached to every order form for customers that have purchased during one of our many presentations.
    • Recommend a Friend leaflet. There is a comment section on our recommend a friend leaflet that we send with every mattress.
    • Letters and emails. Satisfied customers regularly write to us to share their opinions of our products.

    Having been supplying Merino Wool bedding and Mattresses for over 20 years we have received hundreds of testimonials. We would like to thank our satisfied customers for taking the time to write to us and below are comments selected from just a few of them.

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  2. Opurest Mattress Testimonials

    "The best nights sleep we've had in all our married life and we've been married for over 50 years."
    Mrs Ratcliffe of St Helens

    "Roll together now non existent. Now we have great difficulty getting out of bed in the morning"
    Mr Comer of Gosport

    "Having had a Dunlopillo for previous 15 years we were pleased to find your new type of mattress was up to the standard we were used to and would not hesitate to buy your products again"
    Customer requested anonymity

    "I would say the mattress is the most comfortable we have ever experienced in 49 years of marriage"
    Mr Pegler, Hertfordshire

    "Opurest mattress has lived up to all our expectations and worth the expense having had complete satisfaction - I enjoy my afternoon catnaps"
    Mrs Davies, West Derby

    "I have to say that I was a little cynical of some of the claims made at the demonstration, but now all my cynicism has disappeared. I thank you"
    Mr Thomas, Liverpool 

    "As a sufferer for many years from spondalitis and arthritis in both hips, the pain relief which I now get is remarkable"
    Mr & Mrs Byng of Barrow in Furness

    "I used to awake with a lower backache, which no longer happens. Husband also finds improvement in comfort as he suffers from osteo-arthritis"
    Mrs Dallow, Birmingham

    "Sometimes I am on a very early shift getting up anytime from 3.45am to 6am and my wife said to me she does not feel me getting out of bed, so from her comment I take it she is getting a good nights sleep as well"
    Me & Mrs Taylor, Edinburgh

    "We are highly delighted with our 2 single mattresses previously we had a top of the range Relyon mattress which by comparison is heavy and hard - It is a new experience sleeping on the NHP Opurest mattress. As you will see from our records we were so delighted we purchased a double for our son"
    Mr & Mrs Shephard, Sunderland

    "Perfect, maybe a man included would make it more interesting"
    Mrs Exton, Fleetwood

    "So comfortable I can hardly get out of bed in the morning"
    Mr Jamieson, Cupar

    "What a blessing the Opurest mattress has proved to be, being older people and not always in the best of health we appreciate a good nights sleep"
    Mr & Mrs Cairns, Nottingham

    "Only sorry I didn't have on years ago when my back was very bad, could have saved me a lot of pain"
    Mrs Edwards, Cheadle

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  3. Merino Wool Testimonials

    "We are in absolute heaven and only wish we had bought it years ago"
    Mrs Stock of  Braintree

    "It is a much more comfortable nights sleep and in the morning we don't always want to get out our very snug bed"
    Mr & Mrs Budd

    "The merino wool blanket has given us a much more comfortable sleep. It reduces perspiration and supports our arthritic joints. A very good buy"
    Mr & Mrs Malone

    "I think any one who suffers from muscular or skeletal problems would relieve themselves of a lot of pain when buying one of your products. My wife and I wouldn't be without our underblanket, the comfort is unbelievable"
    Mr & Mrs Buck

    "On receiving my merino wool underblanket, I discarded my electric underblanket, one of which I have used all my adult life (even in summer). I was amazed at the warmth and comfort I experienced from your product, I also have the pillow which has helped greatly with the spondylitis in my neck"
    Mr Baumber

    "I wouldn't be without it now, I miss it when I am on holiday"
    Mrs Babb

    "It is just good to get into a lovely warm comfortable bed every night, winter or summer. My sister has bought a blanket on my recommendation and she is delighted with it"
    Mrs Nalson

    "I like the bedding it makes you feel so nice and warm, you feel you don't want to get out of bed"
    Mrs Howells

    "I have never been a good sleeper but I do agree that I have slept better and more comfortable since purchasing the merino wool bedding. It is one of the best purchases we have bought -Thank you. Both my wife and I am delighted with the comfort and relaxation we get from merino wool bedding as we both suffer from more or less the same thing and we both strongly agree that it has helped us to relax  in comfort. Would not be without it. Thank you again"
    Mr & MrsBrace

    "When my husband wakes up in the morning the pains seem to have disappeared"
    Mrs Prieto-Ruiz

    "My husband has never experienced cold feet since using the underblanket, no more woolly socks of hot water bottles - Thank Goodness and no more leg cramps for me"
    Mr & Mrs Dover

    "We have a disabled grand-daughter who has difficulty in turning over in bed and therefore lies in the same spot, the underblanket is a great help for her and enables her to sleep in more comfort"
    Mr & Mrs Daines

    "Since we are both in our 80's  and prove to aching limbs and restless nights - we are delighted to say that we have never had such comfortable nights and wake us feeling relaxed and reluctant to leave our snug and comfortable beds"
    Mr & Mrs Collins

    "Do not need to use an electric blanket or hot water bottle as blanket is naturally warm - safety feature for the elderly or infirm"
    Mr & Mrs Fail

    "Since using my merino wool bedding I can honestly say that I have felt so much better on waking. I do not ache much at all now when I wake whereas for at least the last three years I thought I was beginning to suffer from some form of arthritis. I have wear and tear in my neck and shoulders which even physio could not improve. I bought my blanket after visitin the Costa del Sol in February last year and couldn't wait to use it. I then managed to purchase a pillow case to make me neck more comfortable and that has worked. I only wish i could take it away when i go on holiday. I run a bed and breakfast business and when I get more established I would like to furbish my guest rooms with them"
    Mr & Mrs Pickard

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